dilluns, d’octubre 20


Work doesn’t seem to go as expected.

My future darkens.

Some days I feel so down I just want to cry my eyes off.

I would just like to be better.

Damn it, I can’t.

I just want to cry my eyes off.

I dunno how I will face tomorrow.

Damn it, I don’t.

Kids, behave, together we can have so much fun...

If only you gave me the chance!

Hell of a day.

2 comentaris:

ReGiNa ha dit...

Sometimes we just need a reason to shed tears. And after that, we feel better...
Perhaps today wasn't a good day... but as Morilla says to Anne of Green Gables: "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it".
You can do it!

Cris Ruano ha dit...

Te'n sortiràs!
Ànims, Sara!